F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions
National Tax Number (NTN)
Requirements to apply for National Tax Number (NTN)

Salaried Individual

  1. Pay Slip
  2. ID Card (Copy)
  3. Employer’ NTN and address
  4. Latest Paid Electricity Bill (Optional)
  5. Valid E-Mail ID

Business Individual

  1. Letter Head
  2. ID Card (Copy)
  3. Proof of Business Address (Rent deed or sale deed etc.)
  4. Latest paid electricity bill
  5. Valid Email ID
  6. Mobile & Landline Numbers


  1. Copy of Form C (in case of registered firm)
  2. Copy of partnership deed (in case of unregistered firm)
  3. Letter head
  4. Business premises proof
  5. Latest Paid Electricity Bill
  6. Copies of ID Cards of all members
  7. Share capital of firm along with shareholding percentage of each partner
  8. NTNs of all partners
  9. Valid Email ID
  10. Name, NTN, Address & Cell Number of Representative


  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certified copy of Form 29
  3. Certified copy of Form 21
  4. ID card copies of all directors
  5. Shareholding breakup of all directors
  6. NTNs of all directors
  7. Valid Email ID
  8. Name, NTN, Address & Cell Number of Representative
  9. Letter Head
  10. Latest paid electricity bill
  11. Bank account opening letter
Registration of Trade Mark
Requirements to get your trademark registered.
  1. CNIC of Main applicant
  2. Letter Heads (20 in original)
Revenue Board
Requirements to register with Provincial Revenue Boards

Punjab Revenue Board (PRA)

  1. Business Address
  2. Valid e-mail address
  3. CNIC and Designation of the representative
  4. Electricity Bill of business address
  5. Complete details of Directors including CNIC and shareholding percentage in the Company
  6. Bank Opening/Maintenance Certificate

Sindh Revenue Board (SRA)

  1. Sindh Office Business Address
  2. Company’s Incorporation Certificate.
  3. Representative Details and his Designation in a company.
  4. Email Address currently active.
  5. Office Electricity bill.
  6. Director’s Complete details including CNIC & Shareholding Percentage in a Company.
  7. Bank Opening/Maintenance Certificate in Sindh.